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Max Barnett has written a lifetime Autobiography of his life and years as a Director of the Baptist Student Union campus ministry at the 

University of Oklahoma for 37 year.  Max takes you through his childhood and the collegiate that led him to teach college students how to walk with God daily and hourly.  ​  


He has developed disciples who go on to do the same and build disciple makers for life.  The effect with college students has helped many churches and many campuses across the U.S.A. and overseas


You may order the book from:

Student Work Development Foundation, PO Box 2100

or by emailing:

Price with shipping is $26 for US addresses



Get more information about what God is doing at our campuses and how we can are involved in advancing the Kingdom of God.



Help make an impact across the world in meaningful ways as we help people proclaim the good news.



A vast sum of resources with over 75,000 recordings you can download for your own use along with PDF materials as free resources to help you in your walk with God



Serves as a place for people all over the nation to come for spiritual development and encouragement.  Talk to us about booking the retreat center today!



Real Purpose of Life publishing seeks to communicate the Gospel and God's truths through convenient and available resources.


The Student Work Development Foundation, Inc. board was formed in the 1970s out of Max Barnett's desire to provide ongoing financial resources to you ministries on campuses and in missions in Us areas where there were no Baptist churches.  Our desire as board members is to support collegiate ministries across the world.

Max retired from campus ministry after serving at the University of Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Ministry (OU BCM) for 37 years.  He now serves as a consultant for all Baptist Collegiate Ministries in Colorado.  He is also faculty of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, Midwestern Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas and Golden Gate Theological Seminary in San Fransisco, California.

The foundation continues to receive and distribute funds from churches and individuals to campus ministries all over the US and the world.



1203 Elm Ave

Norman, OK 73069

Tel: 405-329-2990

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